Essential Advice

gareth“The aim of my team and myself is to offer financial security for both you and your family. Whether it’s building assets, or protecting them, we have expertise to help you achieve your financial goals, and where our service means you’ll be part of a long-term consultative relationship. We believe in building long-term relationships, built on trust and focused on providing comprehensive total solutions for your personal financial needs, with particular emphasis on regular contact, updating and review.”

Specialist Advice

We specialise in providing independent strategic advice on:

Our advice extends to corporates and businesses as well as personal financial guidance.

We all have goals and aspirations for the future. Equally we know that planning for anticipated events is crucial – be they as major as planning for retirement, or simply saving for a special occasion. However, it is being prepared for the unforeseen events that we believe to be at least equally important. Whether it is helping to protect assets from financial consequences of requiring long term care, reducing the burden of Inheritance Tax, or ensuring that your family are catered for in the event of your death, effective and timely planning is crucial. Unfortunately many people inadvertently set themselves up for financial catastrophe in the future – our aim is to help prevent this.

You may be planning for your retirement in the near future. You may already be retired, or have early retirement in mind. You know your needs but you are uncertain who can cater for them in the best way possible for both the short and long term. After all if you had a specific health problem you would be sent to a specialist rather than allow your GP to treat you. So if you have a need for advice, why not seek out a specialist – like us.

Based in South Wales, our clients are typically in Wales, or the South West and we will cover these areas – we have many clients in many areas including Carmarthen, Swansea, Cardiff, Bristol, Bath, Bridgwater, Taunton, Exeter and Plymouth.

Whatever your requirements, we will:-

  • Conduct an Investment Review.
  • Provide you with a bespoke Financial Plan combining all your savings, pensions, annuities and investments.
  • Advise on the best ways of investing inheritances,legacies or pension lump sums
  • In the lead up to retirement, we will explain how newer initiatives like Income Drawdown, Flexible Annuities and Phased Retirement interact with the more traditional options you already know about.
  • Maximise your retirement income by using tax efficient vehicles like ISAs.
  • Tell you whether your pension scheme or pension plan is on track.
  • Identify the best annuity rate for your pension fund from all the best annuity providers.
  • Use Estate Planning to reduce your Inheritance Tax liability and ensure your estate is passed on to the people you want it to.
  • Show you how to release equity from your home with all the equity release schemes or home reversion schemes available.
  • Set out for you ways to pay for nursing home fees, to cover the costs of Long Term Care or residential care through Care Fees Planning.
  • Offer you greater pension control.
  • Protect your assets and legacies from Inheritance Tax and the costs of possible Long Term Care.

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